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Android Be Open Source

Android, software for mobile devices inspired by Google, is now officially opened to the public on the site Android Open Source Project. Download, modify and add applications on the Android can now be conducted free.

Inaugurated on 21 October 2008, Google’s free code interfaces Android. In addition, developers who want to download, or just add the application to modify Android can do so freely.

“All the work we do for this mobile platform. Is now officially available, free of charge, in the Android Open Source Project,” write on the site Google Android Open Source Project.

Android itself is a platform for mobile devices that open source, who recently sliding along with the mobile phone HTC G1, which is embedded in Android.

Since the beginning of the Google Android already carry a product as open source projects. Android designed to be put on the touch screen mobile phone as a sophisticated mobile phone HTC G1 or not even sail.

Now, Google invites developers to contribute to Android can be used in accordance with the needs of each user itself. “Got a great idea to add features Android? Please add. As an open source project, which is the most fun of all people can contribute,” write Google.

In addition to encourage people to contribute and participate to develop applications for Android, the site’s Android Open Source Project is the user can also download source Android and report a bug is found.



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